Robert Bayer’s Resume

Contact Information



My Goal:     

To further the success of my students and school through

 my work as a master-level teacher.



Central Michigan University

  • Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (1998).
  • Awarded Scholarship (1996-97) and Fellowship (1997-98).
  • Thesis Paper: Using Critical Thinking for ESL Learning

Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Junior-Senior High School Certification (1989).
  • Majors: English, Education, Mathematics.


Teaching Experience

2006-2016         International Director, Hatsushiba Hashimoto High School, Japan.

2004-2006         Mathematics Teacher, Olympic High School, North Carolina, USA.

2000-2004         English Teacher, Kaisei Gakuin High School, Muroran, Japan.

1998-2000         Associate Professor of English, St. Mary College, Nagoya, Japan.

1997-1998          ESL Graduate Assistant, Central Michigan University, USA.

1993-1998          English Instructor, Language Academy, Seoul, Korea.

1990-1992         English / Math Teacher, Peace Corps, Bangem SHS, Cameroon.

1986-1988          Mathematics Teacher, Peace Corps, Molefi SHS, Botswana.


English Courses Taught

Conversation, Composition, English Grammar, Presentation, Business English, CALL, TOEIC, TOEFL, Current Issues Discussion, Cross-Cultural Communication.


 Extracurricular Work

  • Spring and Summer English Camp Director, 2006 to 2016.
  • English Project Club Coordinator, 2012 to 2016.



  • Using Communicative English Activities in the Information-Technology Classroom, 2003, Kaisei Gakuin Koutou Gakkou, Muroran, Japan.
  • International English Education, 2000, Kaisei Gakuin Koutou Gakkou.
  • Meaning-Based Reading Strategies in the ESL Classroom, 1999, St. Mary College, Nagoya, Japan.
  • Tutor Strategies for Working with International University Students, 1997, Central Michigan University, Michigan, USA.
  • Using Critical Thinking Skills in the Classroom, 1992, Bangem Senior High School, Cameroon.


English Speech Contest Prizes Won by Students Mentored

  • National: 2010 中日(1st);
  • Kansai: 2010 関西(3rd);
  • Local: 2006-2015 橋本市: (7 times 1st)



Hobbies and Interests

Hiking, Gardening, Basketball, Creative Writing, Japanese Language Study.


Personal Information

╤ 648-0095, Hashimoto-shi, Hashitani 357, Shan do Furuuru Apt 2-202

Wakayama-ken, Japan, phone: 81-0736-36-3284,,

American, Permanent Resident Visa, DOB: March 26th, 1959.